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The 20 Essential Chinese Restaurants in Chicago

Set taste buds ablaze with liberal amounts of chilis and peppercorns on Sichuan go-tos like mapo tofu, dandan noodles, and dry chili chicken. The Lincoln Park restaurant is the ultimate comfort on a cold day and the mouthnumbing food certainly leaves a lasting impression.

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17 Best Chinese Restaurant in Chicago

Pulling classic recipes and techniques from Chengdu (the capital of China's Sichuan province), this Lincoln Park restaurant will surely delight those who are looking for something authentic. The menu is packed with fascinating dishes that dare guests to cheat on General Tso's chicken (though they have that, too). Start with the Mouth-Watering chicken—bone-in poultry in Sichuan chili sauce with peanuts—before making your way into the Zigong-style frog, with pickled chilies and ginger.

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The 15 Best Places for Cheap Asian Food in Chicago

Key Contributors:

Irene Yin Liang: This place is so legit that it makes me want to get a yelp account just to review them. Authentic and delicious!!

Wesley Keyser: Authentic and spicy. Get the Suan La Fen 酸辣粉 for a spicy filling noodle dish. This is on point with anything you'll order or eat in Sichuan.

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12 Top Chicago Chefs Share Their Go-to Delivery Orders

Chef Zoe Schor from Split-Rail

“If I’m lucky enough to have a quiet evening in, I’m often hanging with my parents. They live very close to the best Chinese restaurant on the North Side, Chengdu Impression. We always get the pan-fried dumplings, scallion pancakes and dry chili chicken. The chicken is so dope."

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The 13 Best Asian Restaurants in Lincoln Park, Chicago

From the official City Guide of Foursquare, ranked #5 of the best asian restaurants in Lincoln Park, one of Chicago's most vibrant neighborhoods. Other favorites such as Del Seoul and Toro Sushi are also on the list.

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Chicago - Must Try! - ranked 27 of 64 must try places in chicago

Marked by international food lover Elisa zerabruck. We were ranked 27 out of 64 must try places in Chicago! The list is mostly comprised of special authentic ethnic eateries in Chicago.

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2017 Baconfest Chicago, the only Chinese food vendor

Twice cooked pork with leeks made with applewood smoke bacon

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The Best Chinese Food in Chicago

Chinese cuisine, whether it's eat in or take-out, is a comfort food for many of us. Whether you're in the mood for dumplings, dan dan noodles, or sautéed string beans, this list has got you covered.

12 Restaurants on the List

Key contributor:
Anne: Very authentic. Expect dishes to be spicy. The garlic sliced pork is a bit on the saltier side, however still delicious. The fish and soft tofu dish is classic and a must.

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2016 Great Neighborhood Restaurant

"Anytime we're craving Chinese food, Chengdu Impression is top of the list... the dry chili chicken was terrific-fiery hot and full of flavor... the sichuan food coming out of is some of the best around... love the balance of heat and the punch from black vinegar in the Suan La Fen... the Twice Cooked Pork with Scallion Pancake is one of the best Chinese dishes in town, this place continues to bring joy and happiness!"

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Four Restaurants and Bars to Try This Weekend in Chicago

Most Chinese and Chinese-American places outside Chinatown serve food that appeals to the mainstream. The spice levels remain moderate and there's quite a selection from the deep fryer. There's nothing wrong with a solid General Tso's chicken, and Chengdu, from Ryan Hu (nephew of Tony "The Mayor" Hu), delivers delicious versions of those dishes and others, including a Mongolian beef that's a bit sweeter than most. But the real treats come in the form of "Tiger Skin Peppers" and dry chili crispy pork intestine that are atypical for the area. Yes, Lincoln Park needs a restaurant like Chendgu Impression, a kitchen that also continues to serve fresh food even when it's about to close. You can't say the same about all restaurants.

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Hot List - 10 Hottest Restaurants #4

When it comes to incredibly spicy Chinese food, Lincoln Parkers now have full bragging rights.

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Chengdu Impression: Incredibly Spicy Cheap Eats in Lincoln Park

You know you’ve found a real Sichuan restaurant when the menu uses up to three peppers to designate spice levels and casually describes dishes as having a “numbing sensation.” But Lincoln Park’s Chengdu Impression offers many rich flavors of the Chinese province beyond its famous pepper.
To keep things wallet friendly, start with an order of xiao long bao dumplings, drizzle them with vinegar, and gulp each down (in one bite, as instructed) for a savory mouthful of pork, veggies, and broth (eight for $7.50).
Traditional dan dan noodles with ground pork in a chili-infused broth ooze fiery comfort ($6.95). A thick sauce, heady with fresh ginger and garlic, covers a mountain of mapo tofu and savory crumbled beef ($13.50, with rice). And big, chewy slabs of twice-cooked pork belly counter soft melted leeks ($11.95, with rice).

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Chili puts the spice in Sichuan beef recipe

The flavors of China are varied with each region of the country offering up its own signature cuisine.
A new restaurant in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood is putting the spotlight on Chengdu, China and its Sichuan cuisine. At Chicago's Chengdu Impression, owner Ryan Hu offers diverse menu items as he highlights Sichuan flavors from Chengdu, which is considered Asia's first "city of gastronomy" according to The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
On his menu, Hu features assorted dishes using imported Sichuan peppers and chile oil. Among menu items are recipes not regularly seen on many menus including Rural Style Rabbit; Beef with Wild Chili; Suan La Fen, which is vermicelli in spicy broth; Boiled Tree Treasure, featuring shrimp, scallops and fish in spicy sauce and Hot Wok Frog.

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Hot Right Now

This Szechuan-leaning Chinese restaurant opened last fall, but is back on our radar after a recent menu revamp. The menu features everything from approachable dishes such as pork-filled dumplings and noodle bowls to I-dare-you fare for serious foodies (think double-fried pork intestines and spicy beef tripe).

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Chengdu Impression Shows Lincoln Park how to burn

I've been going on and on about the changing landscape of Chinatown—everything's going Sichuan. What I didn't expect was a real Sichuan restaurant to open in monochromatic Lincoln Park, serving all sorts of delights like dry chile chicken, double-cooked pork intestine, and stewed rabbit Zigong-style.* Chengdu Impression took over the space once occupied by Jia's, which served sushi and a mishmash of pedestrian things like orange chicken, Mongolian beef, and sweet-and-sour pork. The new owners kept some of those dishes on the menu, but that did little to alleviate the displeasure of aggrieved Yelpers, who've been calling the wahhhmbulances about all the spicy red oil, salt, and bony duck chunks.

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